Unbreakable Dolls of Colorado

This fun book, read time one hour, contains the wonderful short stories of sixteen women including:

Anna Morgan Guillet, (cover photo) who came from Iowa to Southwestern Colorado as a
mail order bride.

Henrietta Brown crossed the country in a covered wagon three times
before she tried her hand at homesteading. She was the first white
woman to settle in the San Miguel Valley, present day Telluride.

Justina Ford overcame prejudice and discrimination to become Denver’s
beloved “baby doctor.”

Motsu arranged marriages with “picture brides” for lonely Japanese men
on Colorado’s eastern prairie.

Emily Griffith changed the lives of thousands of immigrants and
minorities with her Opportunity School in Denver.

Ouray’s Irene Aloha Wright, age 16, bound for an elite boarding school in
Virginia, decided Mexico sounded more interesting. She changed trains
and went there instead!

Plus 10 more exciting true stories of amazing pioneer women of Colorado. These women were UNBREAKABLE!

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