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Julie McDonald’s collection of short books featuring pioneering men and women of the past is a great way to learn about the history, lifestyle, and characters of years gone by!  As a historianspeaker, and community gardener, Julie has a great way of opening up your mind and drawing you in with the way she writes about every character and event in her books.

Julie’s books are sold in numerous stores throughout the American Southwest, and feature a wide range of stories that are seldom heard and rarely in print.  Her unending research always turns up new and exciting tales to share with people around the world.

Many of Julie’s titles are carried in print in Flagstaff, Sedona, Prescott, and Grand Canyon area stores or on Amazon.com, where all of them are available as an easy digital download for less than a dollar!  Browse the collection of fun history stories on this site and grab something new for your reading list.

Julie Mcdonald

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Julie's Books

Fun Arizona History Stories

I love my home state of Arizona! With some of the most spectacular scenery on the planet, it is indeed a land of color and contrast. Equally colorful are the many characters who have called Arizona home. Arizona was the last territory to become a state, so we experienced the “Wild West” longer than anyone!

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Black History Stories

Recounting great stories in the lives of these brave men and women, these concise books also feature great historic photos as well as contemporary color photos.

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Truth Behind Tradition Stories

In the Truth Behind Tradition series I have written about Saint Patrick, Saint Nicholas, Saint Valentine, and others which are coming soon. These were remarkable men who lived hundreds of years ago, and the truth about them is not widely known. Find out the true remarkable tales for yourself!

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Wild West History Stories

The American West if chalk full of incredible stories of bravery and daring. This collection of stories feature some of the most amazing men and women of Wild West History, some you may never have heard of! Pull up you boots and take yourself back to the days of cowboys, Indians, bandits, and heroes.

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Extraordinary Women

There are women in history who were phenomenal in their personal lives and their contributions to society. You will be amazed and inspired by these true stories which have fallen through the cracks of history and need to be told.

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Underground Railroad Stories​

I first became interested in the Underground Railroad while visiting my daughter in Indiana. I found this to be absolutely fascinating with a cooperative effort of Black and White, rich and poor, working together to rescue people from slavery. These are wonderful stories that need to be told!

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Fun Colorado History Stories

If I couldn’t live in Arizona or New Mexico, I would want to live in Colorado! I have a life time of many happy memories camping in the San Juan Mountains near Durango, Telluride, Ouray and Silverton. When my youngest son, Shawn, moved to Denver in 2015, I expanded my exploration to all the cool, old mining towns east of Denver; Breckenridge, Central City, Idaho Springs, Georgetown, Silver Plume and Nederland. Colorado’s history is every bit as rich as all the gold and silver that was discovered there!

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Gardening Books

I can almost guarantee you will learn some new and practical in each of the gardening books. The books are all easy to read and understand with great photos and a good amount of humor. There are a number of people who don’t garden who have read the books simply for fun and entertainment!

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Christian Books

The Adventure Series are practical Biblical applications for daily life. So many people have told me how much they loved the book on prayer, it was life changing, and funny. The Forgiveness book is very practical, and unfortunately comes from my own personal experiences. The giving book I actually wrote this short book decades ago. It is a great resource for advancing the Kingdom!

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Travel Books

I love riding Amtrak! I find rail travel to be as enjoyable as my final destination. These short, fun and easy to read eBooks will help you to have a good experience as well. There are lots of helpful tips, money saving advice, great photos from the various routes and lots of information that will enhance your trip. Ride the train, it’s fun!

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Grand Canyon Stories

Over the centuries, Grand Canyon has drawn people like a magnet. Some came hoping to exploit it through mining ventures. When that didn’t pan out, they turned to the next most lucrative venture, tourism. Adventurers and explorers risked their lives to run the dangerous Colorado River. Our furry and feathered friends are a big part of Grand Canyon! The stories in Tails of Grand Canyon, of both native and domestic animals are priceless!

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Print Books

Flagstaff General Store is a super cool store in historic downtown Flagstaff. They carry all of my books and would happy to help you!

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