Irene Aloha Wright: Traveler, Researcher, International Writer of Ouray, Colorado

Irene Aloha Wright was the adored, only child of Ed and Letitia Wright. With the money Ed and his brother George made from the Wheel of Fortune Mine, they built the Wright Opera House in Ouray, Colorado. In 1895, at age 15, Irene was on her way to an elite boarding school for young women in Virginia. Irene thought Mexico sounded more interesting, so she changed trains and went there instead. In this VERY short, but very interesting, 10 minute read, you will find out: Whatever happened to Irene Aloha Wright?

What Reviewers are Saying

This lady lived an adventurous and action packed life. It was fun to travel the world with her during this short but thrilling 10 minute story.

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