The Genius of Barney Ford: Escaped Slave, Entrepreneur, Activist and Legislator of Breckenridge, Colorado

I’m always impressed with marathon runners. Anyone who enters, runs and completes this grueling race, regardless of their time, has my admiration. In the marathon of life, Barney Ford entered, raced, completed and won! What makes Barney Ford so admirable is that in his lane, he had a hurdle to jump every 100 yards. Hurdles of discrimination, prejudice, and lack of formal education. In this short story, about a 20 minute read, you will learn about this amazing man and all that he accomplished in his life time. He persevered against all odds to become a hero every American should read about.

What Reviewers are Saying

This story of Barney Ford is a true treasure! It is better than many stories of pioneers commonly found in today's history books. You will discover you have STRUCK GOLD when you read this one! (And that will make more sense after you read this book)

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