Clara Brown: The Rags to Riches True Story of a Freed Slave of Central City, Colorado

The wonderful and inspiring story of Clara Brown, 1800-1885, is one of my all-time favorite stories! At age 36 Clara was separated from her beloved husband Richard and three children on the auction block. After being freed at the age of 57, she begins a tireless search for her only remaining family member, her daughter Eliza Jane. Clara worked her way west on a wagon train bound for Colorado by doing laundry and cooking for 26 single men who were on the wagon train. What Clara accomplishes in her 28 years of freedom will simply astound you! I first wrote about Clara Brown in my book Unbreakable Dolls, Too. This single story eBook is the expanded version, with much more information and 9 photos.

What Reviewers are Saying

If you do anything today, grab this ebook! It's an amazing short story written by about a woman of tremendous courage who changed a culture and many lives by battling in prayer and loving those around her. It will cost you less than a dollar, and take only 15 minutes to read, but will inspire you forever!

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