Joy Ridderhof: Founder of Global Recordings

This short story, about a 45 minute read, is the inspirational story of
Joy Ridderhof. Not widely known, Joy was a visionary and a woman of
great faith. A missionary to Honduras in the 1930’s, she was forced to
return to Los Angeles for health reasons. While recuperating, she began
to seek out ways to reach isolated and remote villages. Her vision
sparked Gospel Recordings, now Global Recordings Network. Through the
use of recorded messages, by native speakers, in thousands of languages
and dialects,GRN has reached hundreds of millions of people with the
Gospel of Jesus Christ, who otherwise may never have heard the Good News!

What Reviewers are Saying

This story, out of all the wonderful stories I’ve read by Julie McDonald, got me fired up! I love this story. I really LOVE this story!! A simple idea, a divine inspiration if you will, and then a ministry that went “viral” - worldwide and continues to this day. Wow!

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