Donaldina “Dolly” Cameron: Rescuing Chinese Girls from the Sex-Slave Trade in 1900’s San Francisco

Bright and beautiful, 25 year old Donaldina “Dolly” Cameron went to San Francisco for one year to teach sewing at the Mission Home. The naive young woman had no idea the mission was involved in the physical and dangerous work of rescuing girls who had been sold into prostitution. Dolly was incensed that this was happening and quickly became a fearless and determined leader for over 40 years. She was known as Lo Mo, “Old Mama” to her daughters, and the White Devil to her adversaries, the slave owners of the sex trade.

This short eBook, about a 45 minute read tells the fascinating work of a woman who is largely unknown. Her daring rescues, success stories of some of the 3,000 girls she rescued, and her harrowing experience during the 1906 San Francisco earthquake make this a lively and inspirational read.

What Reviewers are Saying

This is an exciting, quick read. Dolly was courageous and sacrificial as she rescued young Chinese girls from awful situations. Set in the early days of California, Dolly staunchly advocated and acted on behalf of these vulnerable people. I had a hard time putting this book down!

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