Adventures on Amtrak: Traveling on the Southwest Chief Los Angeles, California, to Chicago, Illinois

I love riding Amtrak! I don’t care where any of my four kids move, as long as I can get there by train! I find rail travel to be as enjoyable as my final destination. This short eBook is designed to help you to have a good experience as well. The book is divided into three sections. The first section talks about the Southwest Chief, and all you will see and experience on this route. I also include humorous stories from my adventures on the Chief. The second section talks about the various cars on a passenger train; Sleeping Cars, Dining Car, Lounge Car and the Coaches. It is good to know about the Amtrak staff, from coach attendants to the conductor. The third section has questions and answers that people frequently ask. There are lots of helpful tips, money saving advice and information that will enhance your trip. Ride the train, it’s fun!

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