Adventures on Amtrak: Traveling on the Empire Builder–Portland, Oregon or Seattle, Washington to Chicago, Illinois Kindle Edition

While traveling on Amtrak, I often ask other passengers, “Which is your favorite route?” More than once I have heard, “The Empire Builder!” Now I know why! This route has some spectacular scenery and some very interesting spots to visit. In this short eBook, about a 40 minute read, you will learn all about this route, what you will see and experience. The book is divided into three sections. The first section is specific to the Empire Builder. The second sections tells about the Amtrak staff, conductors to car attendants. I also explain about the various cars on Amtrak; Dinning Car, Sleeping Car, Observation Car, etc. In the third section I answer a number of frequently asked questions. I also give a number of helpful tips, money saving ideas, and suggestions to make your journey easier and more pleasant. Ride the train! It’s fun!

What Reviewers are Saying

I rode Amtrak as a child to visit family and reading this book made me want to ride it again! Julie writes in such a way that makes me want to join the adventure, to see the sights and visit these towns! I appreciate the questions and answers in the back of the book.

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