The True Story of Levi Coffin: President of the Underground Railroad

This is a short (it takes about 20-30 minutes to read) story of an incredible man! Levi Coffin took his belief in the Bible seriously and defied powerful, ruthless and dangerous men to protect, harbor and rescue fugitive slaves. Over the course of his life he and his wife, Katie sheltered and cared for 3,000 slaves in their home before they moved them along to freedom on the Underground Railroad. Levi was so involved and committed to this cause he was known as the President of the Underground Railroad, and his home was referred to as Grand Central Station.

What Reviewers are Saying

This quick read is full of adventure, risk and the heroic lives of Levi and Catherine Coffin. Not only is their story inspiring, it also calls each reader to ponder how their dedication to the freedom of slaves in the 1800s applies to our roles in the human trafficking crisis of our times.

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