Video: Surprising Ingredients for your COMPOST BIN: All you need to KNOW!

I have found people are somewhat intimidated to start a compost bin.  They are afraid they, “will do something wrong,” and the whole thing will fail.  Not so!  Compost is a natural process designed by God to keep our natural world in order.  Can you imagine life on this planet if nothing ever decomposed?!?!?! 

In this video, I will show a number of ingredients and why they are perfect for the compost bin; reducing your household and yard waste into to nutritious soil for veggies and flowers.  Composting is easy!  Mixing stirring, adding new ingredients, it’s the closet I get to baking.  Unlike baking, I remain at a 100% success rate!

In my new gardening book, High Altitude Gardening for the Inter-Mountain West, I have an entire chapter on composting, with a FULL PAGE on compost ingredients.  Regardless of where you live, this chapter alone will be worth the price of the book.  Only 99 cents as an eBook on amazon, Watch this video and you will be encouraged to start your own compost bin!

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