VIDEO: Saving Seeds: For Fun, Profit and Posterity!

A number of years ago, our local master gardeners asked me to speak at their monthly meeting. I inquired, “Is there a particular topic you would like me to speak on?” The coordinator told me there was lots of interest in saving seeds. People wanted to know how that was done and we’re having a hard time getting information. It is really fun!

Every plant is different: some have large seeds, easy to gather, dry and store. Other seeds are tiny blow away or explode. God designed seeds to spread and there are multiple ways to do that. Birds eat, digest and distribute seeds miles away. Some seeds cling to the fur of animals, using that method to travel. I once was saving viola seeds but the pods would open, flinging the seeds. I thought I would solve the problem by picking the pod before It popped open. I put the pods in an open jar, which I was keeping in a cupboard. It was working well, I thought, until I noticed there were tiny viola seeds on all the shelves, in the dishes, the coffee, silverware this even the stove!!! They literally had gone all over the kitchen.

I hope this video gives you some basic information so you will enjoy learning about and trying the creative art of saving seeds.

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