Video: Passive Compost: Leaves, weeds, grass clippings and yard waste! SAVE the landfills and create SOIL!

For lack of a better word, I use “passive” composting to describe this method. It really is passive, as I make a huge pile of organic yard waste, do nothing and ignore it, for years! I begin with a section of yard, no bigger than 6 feet by 6 feet. I lay down cardboard, (see my cardboard videos) then begin pilling any yard waste on top. I do this throughout the year. This includes dead heading flowers, any and all weeds, cutting back perennials at the end of the season, leaves, grass clippings, manures from the neighbor’s chickens, horses, or rabbits, small branches from shrubs or bushes and on and on. The pile might rise as high as 3 feet at times, but it quickly drops as decomposition starts. I do not add any household foods as that will draw dogs and other critters. Weed seeds have no chance to grow. If they do germinate, they are quickly covered and smothered by more yard waste on top of them. a truly aggressive weed might continue to grow but can quickly and easily be pulled out. Adding a shovel full of soil or finished compost to the pile will accelerate decomposition. After several years there is new, nutritious, beautiful, rich soil! I plant something in this new bed, and start another pile somewhere else. Sometimes I move the new soil to another bed, and start over in the same spot as it is ideal for passive composting.

Not only does this create soil, it saves me a ton of work bagging and carrying things to the curb. It also saves all of this from going to the landfill. I am dismayed every time I drive through neighborhood and sees thousands of bags of leaves on the curb. Many people collect them from the curb, but there are still so many left. COMPOST THEM!

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