Video: Keep those heat loving plants warm at night with PASSIVE SOLAR!

One of the biggest challenges here in the West is nighttime temps that drop to near or below freezing, even in June! The daytime temps can be warm, in the 70’s, but with the dry air, the temperature at night can plummet, destroying in no time all your hard work on your tender veggies! I have found one of the easiest ways to increase the temperature at night, with no effort at all, is to use passive solar in the form of a one gallon, or larger, clear or opaque plastic container filled with water and black food coloring. The water heats up during the day and as the temperature drops at night, the jug releases the warmth it has stored. This can add 5 degrees of heat, more with a blanket for extra protection and up to 15 degrees with a plastic bin. (See my video on making a mini greenhouse) I leave the jug in place all summer long, it quickly disappears in the robust leave of the plant it is protecting, but continues to provide that little bit of cozy warmth to the plant. Plants stop growing when the temperature drops below 40 degrees, so keeping them warm at night is good all season long!

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