Video: “Geranium Care: Fall preparation, bringing your geraniums inside for the winter.”

Your geraniums have enjoyed a beautiful summer outside, now what? In this short video, a follow-up to my more detailed geranium care, propagation and starting from seed, I will show you how to care for them once fall arrives, preparing them for life indoors during the winter and another quick demonstration of taking cuttings for propagation. The video is filmed showing the geraniums grouped together for a grand display in front of my garage. Here is an interesting fact: Do you know why Europeans often have geraniums in window boxes? It’s not just because they are beautiful, it is to keep mosquitoes away! That’s right, mosquitoes don’t like geraniums! I found this particularly interesting as for many years I have opened my garage door, put a chair right next to the geraniums to enjoy a summer evening. I think subconsciously I knew I was safe from those pesky mosquitoes!

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