Video: A Garden for Miss Mouse

In 2012 Marti arrived at my front door and handed me a book she had found. Marti said, “You need this more than I do. It describes your life.” I looked at the cover of the children’s book, The Garden of Miss Mouse, and said, “Great, I have my twin grandsons here and I will read that to them for their bed time story tonight.” By the time we were half way through the book, Jason, Trenton and I were literally on the floor laughing hysterically. “Mimi,” they cried out, “it’s you!” If a book about a mouse could be a biography, this was it for me.

For years now it has been the favorite story and every grandchild has literally begged for it. As you can see from the video, Kara age 10, knows it very well. Thanks to Trenton for filming. The twins are now 14, Davis is 12 and Ellie and Ty are 4, just now learning to love it.

This is just a fun, entertaining video for those who love to garden!

“A Garden for Miss Mouse” by Michaela Muntean, 1982 Parents Magazine Press, New York

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