New Video: Force daffodil (or any other) bulbs indoors and bring spring inside in January!

A fun thing to do for the whole family is to force bulbs indoors. What a joy to have a bit of spring in January! It is super easy! The video is shown with daffodils, my personal favorite for Flagstaff, but other bulbs work as well, such as tulips and hyacinths. Purchase bulbs anywhere, discount stores, catalogs or nurseries when they go up for sale in the fall. Using garden soil or potting soil, preferably in a nice deep, pot, place the bulbs very close, almost touching, with at least one third of the bulb under the soil, tips pointing up. They prefer a cool room, bright light, and plenty of water, but don’t like to be in a window. They begin to develop roots as soon as they are watered. What a thrill to watch them grow, especially during the winter. No need to chill them, they have been chilled by the grower before delivery.

Enjoy the whole process and when they have finished blooming, keep watering and caring for them and put them into the garden as soon as possible. Don’t have a garden? A gardening friend from work, school, or church would no doubt love to get them! So, plant them, or pass them on.

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