Video: How to EFFORTLESSLY divide and separate a tight clump of day lilies, without using a chainsaw or ax!

The beautiful day lily! What a great garden flower! Beautiful from spring to fall, with nice foliage all season and spectacular flowers in mid-summer. The tight clump keeps weeds out. Day lilies are EXTREMELY hardy and grow everywhere! They tolerate a good deal of heat or cold. They are completely edible and require little care. This is an excellent plant for a beginner gardener or a child just learning to garden. Success is guaranteed! They spread and multiply quickly, which is sometimes good and sometimes not. This video primarily focuses on the wonderful attributes of the day lily and how to divide and separate them. It is very helpful to see this actually demonstrated with a live clump of lilies. You will learn some very helpful ideas for trimming leaves for transplant and how to deal with a tight, difficult to separate, clump. I have over 40 varieties, most of which I received from my Amish friend, Clara, in Ohio. You will enjoy getting to see types and colors you probably have never seen! Clara sells them at the Perennial Post, at her home in Middlefield, Ohio, and sends her excess lilies to me to sell in Flagstaff, Arizona.

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