The True Story of Saint Patrick of Ireland

We all know about Saint Patrick’s Day. March 17, parades all over the world, shamrocks, dye everything in sight green, including the dog, a few Leprechauns thrown in and of course, beer! Who was Saint Patrick? Was he a myth, a legend of long ago or was he a real person? This is the fascinating, true story, (30-40 minute read time) of one of the most remarkable men who has ever lived!

What Reviewers are Saying

It is clear that God has trained some of his best men in the lonely pastures as shepherds. Moses, David, and now we learn of St Patrick. There is not much written about this fascinating man, but what we know of him from our celebrations in March is far from accurate. This is a great glimpse of his life and will inspire you and change the way you view St Patrick's Day forever!

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