Adventures with the Amish

I have always been fascinated with the simple lifestyle and culture of the Amish. My love of gardening, farm animals and community only added to my near obsession with them. This is the improbable, but true, story of how I, a Flagstaff, Arizona native, where there is not a single Amish person, have made many Amish friends in states across the Midwest. I have spent time visiting in their homes, and gardens, even staying overnight. I have enjoyed the most wonderful home cooked food imaginable and been the recipient of many home made goodies!

You will find the book, a 30-40 minute read, interesting, educational and respectful of the Amish. The book will answer many questions you may have about the Amish. At the same, you will enjoy the humor, ( I hope) and be thoroughly entertained as I poke fun of myself.

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