Video: Create beautiful bouquets using greenery and flowers from your garden. It’s fun, fast and FREE!!!

Who doesn’t love getting a fresh cut flower bouquet? They bring joy and peace into the room and brighten the life of the recipient, regardless of the occasion. But to bring that joy to someone can cost you a bundle! UNLESS, you make them yourself. This video will open your eyes to all the possibilities you have right in your own yard, (or your neighbors’ yard:). Making flower bouquets, using greenery, perennial and annual flowers you have growing in your own yard is quick, easy and FREE. You will learn how to choose a flower, how to strip the leaves, cut the stems, what type of vase to use and how to arrange them for the most aesthetic appeal. I will give you many suggestions as to how they can be gifted, whether dropping them by at a home in a “drop and go”, parties, receptions, showers, hostess gifts and other ideas. Of course, you may want to use them in your own home and enjoy the delicate beauty or sweet fragrance as you experience them up close. I make dozens every week for my Farmstand customers and they absolutely love them! It is one of the most popular items I sell. It brings many people to my home and I benefit from making so many people, so happy. This video is so enjoyable as you see all the beautiful flowers as they are arranged. I also show about a dozen finished bouquets of mixed flowers, same type flower, same color bouquets, fragrant, and even an edible bouquet! Enjoy!

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